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  1. Depression: Children Not Immune

    Depression in children is an increasingly recognized problem. Learn the symptoms of childhood depression. Sometimes kids get sad. They may act depressed. Most kids get over the worst of these symptoms in a couple of days. Some don't. Parents, if they know to look, can tell the difference, says Maril

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  2. Video Game Addiction No Fun

    At an addiction treatment center in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, teenagers and young adults begin detox by admitting they are powerless over their addiction. But these addicts aren't hooked on drugs or alcohol. They are going cold turkey to break their dependence on video games. Keith Bakker, dire

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  3. American Idol Runner-up Admits Bulimia

    She wowed cantankerous American Idol host Simon Cowell with her rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Now Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee is doing the same for troubled women across the country by disclosing her battle with the eating disorder bulimia. According to reports in People magazine, M

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  4. Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

    Rep. Patrick Kennedy's release from drug rehab puts a spotlight on people who suffer from a trying combination of health problems: substance abuse and a mental health disorder. Kennedy -- the son of Sen. Edward Kennedy -- checked into a rehab clinic in May 2006 after a car accident near the U.S. Cap

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  5. Bipolar Disorder: Managing the Balancing Act

    Most teens spend their time discussing their latest crush with friends, studying for college admission tests, and taking driver's education. Not Robin Molliner. When the 26-year-old California native was 16, she was busy trying to talk car dealers into selling her a new ride -- even though she didn'

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  6. Rx Drug Abuse: Common and Dangerous

    In the 1970s, parents worried that their longhaired, bell-bottomed teenagers were getting drunk or smoking marijuana. Today, dangers also come in the form of prescription medicines -- from opioid pain relievers such as OxyContin to ADHD drugs such as Ritalin. Prescription drug abuse appears to be on

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  7. Anxiety at Work: A Career-Busting Condition

    Katrina Gay always worried about her on-the-job performance, but she used the anxiety to her advantage by pushing herself to produce quality work. After the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, however, she felt a little less in control. "I would wake up in the middle of the night and my heart would

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  8. Depression: The Mask of Sorrow

    To the outside world, Sgt. Eric Weaver seemed like a model police officer. He always signed up for new projects and volunteered as a training coordinator for the SWAT team in Rochester, N.Y. Inside, however, Weaver saw himself as a failure. "I hated who I was," says the 40-year-old. "My depression w

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  9. Under Pressure: What Is a Panic Attack?

    A man in his mid-40s is rushed to an emergency room. He is sweating, his heart is racing, and he can't catch his breath. He and his wife are convinced he is having a heart attack. He could be-only, this time, the ER doctors tell him his heart is just fine. What he's having is a panic attack. Though

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  10. 10 Signs of an Ailing Mind

    Maybe you're having that proverbial "bad day" - or perhaps a rough few weeks: Feeling down, anxious, overstressed, as if you're one breath away from the "last straw." If so, you may be surprised to learn it's quite common; doctors say it's part of the human condition. "The presence of anxiety, of a

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