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    Mira Sorvino Tackles Diabetes, Bipolar, and Human Trafficking

    The actress tells WebMD about her role in the new movie, Union Square, plus her advocacy work and personal health habits.


    Has a health condition ever altered your daily life?

    During my last pregnancy I had placenta previa and I had to be on hospital bed rest for nine weeks. It made me really sympathetic to people who have chronic illnesses and spend a lot of time in hospitals because it was so lonely. It changed my perspective on hospitals and illness. So now I'm doing everything I can to not be in a hospital.

    What qualities do you value in a doctor?

    When I was in the hospital I had some tremendous doctors who were extremely attentive. They were very positive, very honest, and called and visited a lot. They weren't people who were just rushing to get out of there -- I truly felt that they cared about me. That was important.

    What is your favorite part of your body?

    I like my lower lip. And my legs.

    What health habit do you wish you'd had as a younger person?

    My mother was always extremely conscious about the sun -- she was into sun block and hats way before other people were, so I'm lucky that that was instilled in me early. I feel that my skin is in a better place than it would be had I done a lot of intentional tanning.

    But I did smoke on and off for about a decade and a half. I never smoked more than a pack a week, but I'm happy that I stopped that. I stopped the day my husband and I got engaged. He stopped smoking, too, and he was a three-pack-a-day guy.

    How do you feel about aging?

    I don't think anyone is that excited about getting older, except that the alternative is worse! I think age is an attitude and a mindset, and you are as young as you feel. You have to accept that time may do a tap dance on your exterior body, but if you keep your heart open and your mind spry you're still going to really enjoy life all the way through. So that's my plan.

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