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    Chris Benoit: Was Roid Rage to Blame?

    Pro Wrestler's Alleged Murder-Suicide Spurs Questions About Roid Rage and Anabolic Steroids

    But that's not the same as roid rage?

    No, it's entirely different.

    Are there any valid reasons for people to be taking anabolic steroids?

    Well, there were many reasons. Most of those reasons diminished [with the development of] better drugs.

    If someone is experiencing roid rage while they're taking anabolic steroids, is there treatment for it?

    If somebody is experiencing that, chances are they are using it for illicit purposes. So they've got to get themselves in the hands of a psychiatrist. And you have to be careful, because if you suddenly stop anabolic steroids, it can precipitate a profound depression.

    Are there signs that parents or coaches should keep in mind -- signs that a child, an athlete, may be using steroids?

    One is change in musculature. Secondly, excessive acne. Third, irritability. Fourth, obsessing over muscle mass ... becoming obsessed with the gym. Those would be sort of some of them. It's basically a change in personality, an obsession with your body and putting on muscle and increasing lean body mass, [excessive] use of dietary supplements, obsessing over web sites that are directed towards body building.

    It's a little bit of a complicated question. If you talk about a [male] teenager, you have to distinguish between a normal adolescence, which is heralded by a surge in testosterone.

    If it's a difficult adolescence [in someone] who is not on anabolic steroids, they have a lot of acne, may be very irritable and may get many of the kinds of things we associate with anabolic steroids. Except in that case, the steroids are coming from his own testicles.

    So it's a difficult thing for parents. They may overlook the abuse of anabolic steroids, or conversely, they may take [someone] who's not on anabolic steroids and assert that they are and lose the confidence of their kid.

    How young does some of this use begin?

    We know that as many as 1.5% to 2% of eighth graders have used anabolic steroids at least once in their life, and between 3% and 4% of 12th graders have used anabolic steroids at least once in their life.

    There are estimates that between half a million and a million youngsters have used anabolic steroids.

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