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Therapy for Teens: What to Expect

Q. Will I Feel Uncomfortable Talking About My Problems?

A. It is normal to feel awkward talking about sensitive things. The uncomfortable feeling means that you are trying something new. As you get used to meeting with your therapist or group, you should get more confident.

Q. What If I Don't Like My Therapist?

A. Having a good relationship with your therapist is one of the most important parts of therapy. Sometimes people just do not get along well with a therapist, and you should know in the first session or two. If you don't like your therapist, it is OK to try a different one.

Important Notes about Therapy

Some things to keep in mind about therapy include:

  • The therapist won't solve your problems. Therapy is helpful if you work hard with the therapist. The therapist supports you, and suggests helpful ways to work on problems. But if you don't work at solving the problem, the therapy won't work.
  • You should never have a sexual relationship with your therapist. If a therapist makes sexual contact, either by saying something or by touching you, tell them no and tell your parents what happened. Any type of sexual contact in therapy is inappropriate
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