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  1. Feeling Depressed - Health Tools

    Health tools help you make wise health decisions or take action to improve your health. Actionsets are designed to help people take an active role in managing a health condition. Getting help for someone you think is depressed Supporting someone who has depression ...

  2. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders

    Cognitive - behavioral therapy is an active type of counseling. Sessions usually are held once a week for as long as you need to master new skills. Individual sessions last 1 hour, and group sessions may be longer. During cognitive - behavioral therapy for anorexia, you learn:About your illness, its symptoms, and how to predict when symptoms will most likely recur.To keep a diary of eating episode

  3. Bipolar Disorder: Preventing Manic Episodes

    The more you know about bipolar disorder, the better you will be able to cope with this lifelong illness. There are many steps that you can take-or help a loved one take-to recognize and better manage manic episodes.Learn the warning signs of a manic episode and get early treatment to avoid disruption in your life.At the same time each day, record your mood and any symptoms.Take medicines as ...

  4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Recovery

    'I'm a much more peaceful person now. I sleep so much better.' - Vietnam veteran Ron Shepard Recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) means finding your path to living a meaningful life. Recovery is not a cure. It helps you believe that you can reach your goals and learn new things to help yourself. It helps you gain self-confidence and respect for yourself. The 10 principles of ..

  5. Domestic Violence - Legal Protection From Abuse

    Many women and men are reluctant to call police when they are beaten. Victims fear that their partners will retaliate or that police officers will be insensitive and embarrass them, among other concerns. However, many communities have made great progress in educating police officers and other people in the criminal justice system about domestic violence. Many states require that police officers ..

  6. Domestic Violence - How It Affects Children

    When there's violence in the home,children are always affected,even if they're asleep or not in the room when the abuse happens. The longer you live in a violent situation,the harder it will be for your children. When abuse happens,your children may feel scared and ashamed,or they may even think that they caused the problem. Worse,they can grow up thinking that it's okay to hurt others ...

  7. Depression in Children and Teens - Other Treatment

    Learn about professional counseling for childhood and adolescent depression.

  8. Mood Stabilizers for Child and Teen Bipolar Disorder

    Drug details for Mood stabilizers for childhood and adolescent bipolar disorder.

  9. Feeling Depressed - Preparing For Your Appointment

    A list of questions that will help your health care professional diagnose and treat Feeling Depressed.

  10. Bipolar Disorder in Children and Teens - Exams and Tests

    There is no laboratory test to diagnose bipolar disorder.

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