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    Sharing Grief, Shock Worldwide on Message Boards

    There was anger: continued...

    Louise92 (WebMD): And somewhere in the deep recesses of my soul burns a rage I did not know I was capable of feeling. It overrules logic, my Christian faith of forgiveness, my usual rabbit personality of run, run, run and hide. I want blood, revenge, and immediate retaliation. To heck with justice.

    Blasted (WebMD): I can't stand it, I can't stand the pain of it all. I can't stand everyone asking for peace! The time for peace and talking peace is over! There is no peace possible in the hearts and souls of the evil people who have done this. If I hear another person say we need to pray for peace I think I will explode. Pray for the wounded, the rescue workers, the dead and the surviving families, YES, but I am not ready for peace! I want the people that did this to be held accountable for their actions! In front of the entire world!

    And most significant, community members spoke of hope, strength and unity:

    JOSHDK2 (AOL): Please do not keep your hatred bottled up, it is not good for you. Please do not hate these horrible people. We all should help each other become a nation of one.

    HeretoHelpU (WebMD): As I can't sleep either, while I lay in bed, I will pray for you all to get some rest. Take care and god bless you all (hugs).

    Demattd (AOL): I am so, so sorry for your loss. ... I am sure this person was very precious to you. ... You will have a lot of grief work ahead of you, but don't be afraid to go thru it and express your feelings. ... Just be ever so patient with yourself. Be sure to share your loss with a dear one and never be afraid to express the emotions you are going thru right now ... I care a whole lot ... God bless you.

    D_laughlin (WebMD): Please, if you do not have a flag, tie red/white/blue ribbons around your mailbox or a tree.

    Lpablowiberg (AOL): What took place yesterday will forever be embedded in our minds. And I was proud to hear of the tremendous support that our people immediately gave. Now, the healing begins. And I know it will be a long and hard road to travel on, but united as a people we will be able to go on. Thousands gathered together to pray last night and will continue to do so. Let us remember that we are not alone, we have each other and God is watching over all of us.

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