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  1. Depression Treatment by Phone

    June 5, 2012 -- People suffering major depression are more likely to get psychotherapy if it's offered by phone, Northwestern University researchers find. Psychotherapy is an effective treatment for depression. Patient surveys show most would prefer psychotherapy to antidepressant drugs. Yet only a

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  2. Probiotics: Exploring the Gut-Mind Connection

    May 24, 2012 -- Call it a gut feeling. Preliminary research suggests that probiotics may dampen signals that come from the gut and go to the brain when you're afraid or anxious. "By changing what's going on inside of the gut, we hope we can change how the brain responds to the environment," says stu

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  3. Spider Phobia: Brain Scan Shows Cure in 1 Session

    May 21, 2012 -- Before receiving treatment for her lifelong fear of spiders, one Chicago college student would flee her dorm for days if she merely suspected one's presence. She worried that her phobia would keep her from living on her own after graduation. Another woman did not travel because she w

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  4. Chinese Herb Kudzu May Help Drinkers Cut Down

    May 17, 2012 -- An extract from the Chinese herb kudzu may help drinkers cut down on drinking, according to a new pilot study. "It didn't stop the drinking," says researcher David M. Penetar, PhD, assistant professor of psychology at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School. "They still drank, but

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  5. New Clues to Schizophrenia

    May 15, 2012 -- Scientists have developed a test that may be able to predict who is at risk for schizophrenia, a complex mental illness that is thought to run in families. To develop the test, scientists used a new approach to identify a comprehensive group of genes most likely linked with the disea

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  6. Having 'Type D' Personality May Hurt Your Health

    May 9, 2012 -- Doctors need to focus on their heart patients' psychological well-being in addition to their physical well-being, suggests a new study in the journal Circulation. According to the research, patients with what's known as a "type D" personality -- meaning a distressed and generally pess

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  7. 50 Years of Data Confirm Benefit of Antipsychotics

    May 2, 2012 -- More than 50 years of data show that people with schizophrenia who take antipsychotic drugs lower their risk of relapse, a new study suggests. Relapse rates were 64% in people not taking medications for schizophrenia, while they were 27% in those who were given them for at least a yea

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  8. Does Dopamine Explain Why Slackers Slack?

    May 1, 2012 -- Don't have any motivation at work today? You may be able to blame your brain and its relationship with the chemical dopamine. The way your brain handles dopamine may predict whether you are a hard worker or a slacker, new research suggests. "If you look around at the people you know,

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  9. Depression Linked to Peripheral Artery Disease

    April 20, 2012 -- Depression may increase the risk for peripheral artery disease (PAD), which commonly results from narrowed leg arteries, a new study suggests. The study results "demonstrate that there is an association between depression and PAD," says researcher S. Marlene Grenon, MD. She is an a

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  10. Gene Hunters Link Genes to Brain Size

    April 16, 2012 -- An international team of gene hunters has zeroed in on genes that may play a role in boosting brain size and IQ. The findings -- four studies in total -- appear online in Nature Genetics. The implications of the new studies are much wider than whether or not you will attend an Ivy

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