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  1. Video: Binge Eating Disorder

    Eating addiction is one of the hardest to overcome because it’s necessary to live.

  2. Chronic Illness and Depression

    Depression can go along with long-term illness, but it often doesn't get diagnosed.

  3. Job Loss and Depression

    Learn how to look for warning signs of depression after a job loss.

  4. Anti depressants and Weight Gain

    An expert tells you what’s good to know about weight loss and anti depressants.

  5. Link Between Stress and Depression

    Do you feel depressed when you're stressed? One does lead to the other. Use these suggestions to cope.

  6. Treatment for Pill Popping

    Prescription medicine addiction is a problem that's getting worse, but new recovery treatment options offer hope.

  7. Postpartum Depression (PPD)

    A life-altering event, positive or negative, can tip the balance for those vulnerable to mood disorders.

  8. Depression and Personalized Treatment

    Symptoms of depression can be similar for different patients, but successful treatment is often a unique path for each individual.

  9. Shedding Light on Seasonal Depression

    Until she was treated for seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, Leneva Spires had a hard time of it during the darker months. Hear her story.

  10. Anxiety Disorders and Your Family

    Psychologist Patricia Farrell, PhD, talks about family history as it relates to anxiety disorder.

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