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  1. Treatment for Pill Popping

    Prescription medicine addiction is a problem that's getting worse, but new recovery treatment options offer hope.

  2. Link Between Stress and Depression

    Do you feel depressed when you're stressed? One does lead to the other. Use these suggestions to cope.

  3. Postpartum Depression (PPD)

    A life-altering event, positive or negative, can tip the balance for those vulnerable to mood disorders.

  4. Depression and Personalized Treatment

    Symptoms of depression can be similar for different patients, but successful treatment is often a unique path for each individual.

  5. Shedding Light on Seasonal Depression

    Until she was treated for seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, Leneva Spires had a hard time of it during the darker months. Hear her story.

  6. Ways to Fight the Holiday Blues

    You’d think those who dread the stress of gift giving and parties would be happy when it’s all over—but think again.

  7. WebMD Town Hall: A Stressed-Out Kid

    School, homework, and tests can really stress your kids out. WebMD's pediatrician gives advice on helping your children relax and unwind.

  8. Art Reach

    ARTREACH Project America helps sufferers of PTSD utilize their creative side to heal the damages of war by integrating creative arts and group therapy.

  9. The Truth About Eating Disorders

    Two teenage friends struggling with anorexia and bulimia discuss their illness, treatment, and how to support one another.

  10. Coping With Unemployment & Depression

    Losing a job can be every bit as emotionally devastating as a divorce or the death of a loved one.

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