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    Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Headaches and Migraines

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    Here are 10 questions on migraines and headaches to ask your doctor:

    1. How can I identify my headache triggers?
    2. What should I keep track of in a headache diary?
    3. Could any of my medicines (such as birth control pills) be making my migraines worse?
    4. Is there a chance my migraines might go away in a few years?
    5. Can hypnosis, biofeedback, or other nondrug treatments help?
    6. Could over-the-counter drugs be strong enough to ease my pain?
    7. Am I a good candidate for prescription medications that prevent migraines?
    8. What are the potential side effects of the drugs you have prescribed? What can I do to minimize them?
    9. Are there some lifestyle changes that might help prevent my headaches, such as exercise or meditation?
    10. How might my migraines affect my life and what changes, if any, should I make?

    WebMD 10 Questions

    Reviewed by Richard Senelick, MD on February 07, 2015
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