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    Headaches: Finding and Avoiding Triggers

    This topic is about finding and avoiding triggers for tension headaches. For information on finding and avoiding triggers for migraine headaches, see actionset.gif Migraines: Finding and Avoiding Triggers.

    You can have fewer headaches—and less pain when you do get them—by finding out what things, or triggers, bring on your headaches. You can try to avoid triggers to prevent tension headaches. To prevent headaches:

    • Use a headache diary(What is a PDF document?) to find your triggers.
    • Manage stress.
    • Seek treatment if you have depression or anxiety. They can lead to headaches.
    • Sleep, exercise, and eat on a regular schedule.
    • Practice good posture to reduce neck strain.
    • Reduce eyestrain from computers at work and at home.
    • Don't clench your jaw. Clenching can cause muscle tension in your face.

    how.gif  How do you find and avoid headache triggers?

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