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    1. Medication Headaches

      Many drugs can induce acute headache.

    2. Hemicrania Continua

      WebMD discusses the symptoms and treatments of hemicranias continua, a continuous headache on one side of the head.

    3. What Causes Mild to Moderate Headaches?

      WebMD explains the causes of mild to moderate headaches, including overuse of pain medications, sinus congestion, and stress.

    4. Which Drugs Can Keep My Migraines Away?

      WebMD describes the drugs and other therapies that can help you prevent migraine headaches.

    5. Tips to Find and Avoid Your Migraine Triggers

      WebMD explains how to spot and avoid migraine triggers, such as certain foods, caffeine withdrawal, stress, and more.

    6. What Treats Cluster Headaches?

      Here's how to treat and prevent cluster headaches.

    7. What Are Cluster Headaches?

      Learn the causes, symptoms, triggers, and types of cluster headaches.

    8. What Type of Migraine Do I Have?

      All migraines are not alike. Which kind is yours?

    9. 8 New Migraine Treatments You Should Know About

      Will they help your migraines? Find out what these treatments do, how they work, and who they’re for.

    10. Finding Help for Headaches and Migraines

      Looking for a doctor who can help relieve your headache and migraine pain? WebMD offers a list of resources.

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