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Plastic Surgery May Stop Headaches Along With Frown Lines

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Aug. 25, 2000 -- Cosmetic surgery that banishes headaches as well as frown lines could be something to smile about. After having a "forehead lift," some patients with migraines have seen an unexpected benefit -- dramatic or even total headache relief, lasting up to four years or longer.

"Before the surgery, I was having migraines once every week or two, usually in the middle of the night," hairstylist Ron Myers tells WebMD. "My tongue would get thick and numb, then I'd lose vision first in one eye, then the other, and I could only see silver twinkles everywhere. Then I'd get an excruciating headache.

"Since the forehead surgery, I've had no symptoms at all. Now that I don't have the headaches, I really have a smile on my face," says Myers, age 61, of Columbus, Ohio.

"This is a significant development for patients with migraine headache," researcher Bahman Guyuron, MD, tells WebMD. Guyuron is a clinical professor of plastic surgery at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and author of a study describing headache relief following forehead surgery in migraine patients.

Of more than 300 patients who had a forehead lift between 1989 and 1999, 39 reported having had migraine headaches before surgery, and 31, including Myers, noticed improvement in their headaches immediately after the surgery, Guyuron says. About half had dramatic relief, and the other half said their headaches disappeared completely.

"If these results are confirmed, this procedure might be useful in migraine relief, independent of the cosmetic effect," says Guyuron. He explains that the forehead lift, which involves taking out the forehead muscle that causes the brow to wrinkle, is a very minor outpatient procedure. It usually takes only 30 minutes, with two to three days of recovery before patients can resume their usual activities.

"I'd be very cautious in using this as a migraine treatment unless patients need plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons," Seymour Diamond, MD, director of the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, tells WebMD. Diamond was not involved in the study.

Diamond explains that the results may be difficult to interpret for several reasons, including the small number of patients involved. Painkillers given after the surgery could cause immediate headache relief, and the natural tendency for migraine headaches to diminish with aging might explain the apparent long-term benefit.

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