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  1. Plastic Surgery for Migraines?

    Oct. 28, 2003 -- Plastic surgery can relieve migraine headache pain, a controversial study suggests. The technique could help at least half of all migraine sufferers, claims Bahman Guyuron, MD, clinical professor of plastic surgery at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Guyuron is medical

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  2. 3-Question Test Identifies Migraine

    Aug. 18, 2003 -- By asking three simple questions, you may be able figure out if you have a migraine -- an often-missed diagnosis. If you answer yes to at least two of these three questions, you could have a migraine, according to a new study. Has a headache limited your activities for a day or more

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  3. Mouthpiece May Treat Tension Headaches

    July 21, 2003 (Nashville) -- People who suffer from frequent tension headaches might be better off seeking help from their dentist rather than their doctor. Dental treatments for headaches are highly effective and are beginning to gain credibility within medical circles, oral-facial pain specialist

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  4. Headaches Hurt Children in Many Ways

    July 10, 2003 -- Children with frequent headaches may suffer more in some respects than children with more physically devastating conditions like cancer and arthritis, according to a new study. Researchers found headaches can affect children's emotional development and school performance more than s

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  5. Daily Headache Linked to Nightly Snoring

    April 21, 2003 -- It turns out snoring isn't just a big headache for the people trying to sleep nearby. New research finds that chronic daily headaches are common among nightly snorers, but it is not clear if the headaches cause the snoring or visa versa. In the National Institute on Aging study, pe

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  6. My Head Still Hurts

    April 9, 2003 -- If nothing helps your headache, don't give up. The treatment is out there, experts say. The experts are five leading headache specialists. Writing in the April 8 issue of the journal Neurology, they have two words of advice for other doctors. When faced with patients who say nothing

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  7. Menstrual Migraines May Be Preventable

    April 3, 2003 (Honolulu) -- For millions of American women, monthly menstrual periods do not just bring cramps and bloating. They also can suffer the severe throbbing pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound that characterize menstrual migraine headaches . But now that could all change. For

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  8. Migraine Linked to Celiac Disease

    March 21, 2003 -- A gluten-free diet may be a migraine cure for many, Italian researchers report. In a nifty piece of detective work, doctors at Catholic and La Sapienza universities, Rome, identified a hidden gut problem as a potential cause of migraine headaches. The gut problem is called celiac d

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  9. Sinus Headache Symptoms = Migraine?

    March 18, 2003 -- Got sinus headache symptoms? What you call a "sinus" attack may be a migraine. It's not just a name game. If you're taking lots of headache pills for ongoing "sinus" headaches, it can make your migraines worse. And you're likely missing out on effective treatments, says Robert G. K

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  10. Migraine Drugs' Effects Scare Many Away

    Jan. 16, 2003 -- New medications can effectively treat and even prevent migraines, but it appears that most patients suffer needlessly because they either take them incorrectly or don't take them at all. A study of people with recurring migraine headaches found that two out of three delayed or avoid

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