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  1. What Not to Do for Migraines

    By Mary Elizabeth Dallas HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, Nov. 21, 2013 (HealthDay News) -- Prescription pain medications should not be the first treatment for migraines. And doctors shouldn't routinely order brain scans for patients with these debilitating headaches, according to new guidelines. Taking

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  2. Obesity May Increase Migraine Odds

    By Marijke Vroomen Durning HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, Sept. 11 (HealthDay News) -- Obese people may be at higher risk for episodic migraines, a new study suggests. Episodic migraines -- the more common type of migraine -- occur 14 days or fewer per month, while chronic migraines occur at least 15

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  3. Migraines Linked to Changes in Brain Structure

    By Serena Gordon HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, Aug. 28 (HealthDay News) -- People with migraines -- either with or without an aura preceding the headache -- show changes in the structure of their brains on imaging tests, researchers say. A new review of previous research shows that people who have m

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  4. Acute Migraines More Apt to Turn Chronic With Poor Treatment

    By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter FRIDAY, June 28 (HealthDay News) -- People who receive inadequate treatment for acute migraine headaches are more likely to develop chronic migraines, according to a new study. Researchers looked at data from more than 4,600 people with episodic migraines (14 or f

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  5. Migraine Doctors in Short Supply Across U.S.

    By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter FRIDAY, June 28 (HealthDay News) -- There are too few migraine headache specialists in the United States, a new study finds. Migraines affect about 36 million Americans over age 12 (more than 11 percent of the population). That's more than the number affected by a

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  6. Migraine Sufferers Face Significant Stigma: Study

    By Kathleen Doheny HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, June 27 (HealthDay News) -- Those who get migraines have to deal not only with the pain, which can be disabling, but the stigma caused by others who tend to discount the impact of the debilitating headaches, a new study shows. "We were able to validate

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  7. Migraine With Aura May Be Tied to All Stroke Types

    By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, June 26 (HealthDay News) -- Women who have migraine headaches with aura are at increased risk for stroke, a new study indicates. Migraine with aura is a migraine that's preceded or accompanied by visual effects such as flashes of light or blind spots, o

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  8. Having Both Migraines, Depression May Mean Smaller Brain

    By Maureen Salamon HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, May 22 (HealthDay News) -- Migraines and depression can each cause a great deal of suffering, but new research indicates the combination of the two may be linked to something else entirely -- a smaller brain. Already aware that people with migraines f

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  9. Migraine, Chronic Back Pain Tied to Suicide Risk

    By Dennis Thompson HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, May 22 (HealthDay News) -- People who endure chronic migraines or back pain are more likely to attempt suicide, whether or not they also suffer from depression or another psychiatric condition, according to a new study. "Clinicians who are seeing pati

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  10. Drugs Can Sometimes Prevent Migraines, at a Cost

    By Barbara Bronson Gray HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, April 29 (HealthDay News) -- People with severe or frequent migraines often turn to drugs to prevent them. But do the medications work? A new review of preventive treatments shows there is not much difference in the effectiveness of commonly prescri

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