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    Migraine Headaches - Treatment Overview

    Reduce stress

    How you think can affect how you feel. So finding ways to relax and change your negative or worrisome thoughts may help prevent headaches.

    You may want to try:

    • Positive thinking techniques.
    • Progressive muscle relaxation.
    • Ways to manage your time.
    • Breathing exercises.
    • Guided imagery.
    • Meditation.
    • Yoga.

    For more information, see Living With Migraine Headaches.

    Treatment if your headaches get worse

    If treatment doesn't stop your migraines, you and your doctor may make changes. You may try different medicines, a new mix of medicines, or different doses.

    If you have already tried several types of medicine, your doctor may want you to have tests (such as an MRI or CT scan) to look for any other cause for your headaches.

    It is possible to be diagnosed with migraines when you really have another type of headache. (But it's more common for a person to be diagnosed with another type of headache when he or she really has migraines.)

    It can be hard to tell the difference between migraines and other types of headaches such as sinus, tension, or cluster headaches. The symptoms can be the same. And you may have more than one kind of headache. Different types of headaches need different treatment.

    Other things to think about

    • Even with treatment, you may still get migraines.
    • It may take some time to find the right medicines to help you.
    • Using medicines too often can cause rebound headaches. These are different from migraine headaches. They occur after pain medicine has worn off, which leads you to take another dose. After a while, you get a headache whenever you stop taking the medicine. Be sure to take your medicine only as your doctor prescribes.
    • If you think your headaches could be caused by depression or anxiety, be sure to let your doctor know. Treatment for these health problems may get rid of your headaches or reduce how often you have them.
    • If you think your headaches are related to stress, talk to your doctor about getting help to cope better with stress.

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    Last Updated: July 22, 2014
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