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MS and Depression: Tips for Mental Fitness

Treating Depression continued...

It’s possible your depression has nothing to do with MS.

Having a chronic condition like MS can create stress, and that may bring on bouts of depression. But research has found people with severe MS symptoms are not necessarily more likely to be depressed than people with mild symptoms.

Sometimes medication can play a role.  The steroids and other medications used to treat MS may trigger or worsen depression.

The MS itself can also affect certain areas of the brain that relate to mood. 

Once you understand what led to your depression, you can get the right treatment.

Build a team. To treat depression, you'll do best with a team of people supporting you.  

A psychiatrist can determine if medication would help you. Don’t expect an immediate change. Finding the right drug and dose for you can take some time.

Don’t stop therapy. While drugs can relieve symptoms, Kalb says, therapy can help with specific problems that might be contributing to your depression. 

Depression is not something you need to hide. Identify friends and family that you feel comfortable talking with about how you’re feeling.  Their support can really help. Your MS specialist can also be your ally.

Whatever you do, Kalb says, don't accept that depression will be a constant part of your life.

"They say, 'Well of course you're depressed, you have MS.' That's not true at all. Depression is never normal for anyone, including people with MS."

Get help. Don't settle. "It's not enough for treatment to make you feel a little bit better," Kalb says. "Treat your depression until it's gone."

Reviewed on October 24, 2013

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