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    Multiple Sclerosis: Travel Planning

    On Your Trip

    Be flexible. "Give yourself permission to take a break," Jung-Henson says. This could mean sitting out the next activity on an over-scheduled day, sleeping late, or turning in early.

    Have a travel buddy. If you're traveling alone, make sure someone knows about your condition, whether it's a tour guide or the hotel front desk. "Someone who knows to keep an eye out for you, who says, 'She didn't show up at breakfast today. Let me check on her,'" Jung-Henson says.

    Stay hydrated. Sometimes we forget to drink enough water on vacation. Dehydration can cause diarrhea, constipation, or urinary tract infections.

    If you're traveling to a country where the water isn't safe to drink, be extra careful. People with MS are prone to stomach problems, Jung-Henson says. Avoid raw fruits and vegetables washed in unsafe tap water and drinks that have tap water or ice cubes. Brush your teeth with bottled water, and keep your mouth closed in the shower.

    Drink alcohol in moderation. "Travel is already a stressor, so if you add excessive drinking, it could hurt you," Jung-Henson says. "That's not to say 'don't drink.' Just don't overdo it."

    You can have a fun vacation with MS. "It's about thoughtfully planning for what you need in order to have a good time," Jung-Henson says.

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    Reviewed on January 29, 2016

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