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Multiple Sclerosis and Diet

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Healthy eating is important for everyone, but it is particularly important if you have a chronic illness such as multiple sclerosis. Good nutrition, especially adequate calories and protein, helps maintain your body's store of protein, provide energy, heal wounds, and fight infection.

What Are Some Nutrition Guidelines for People With Multiple Sclerosis?

  • Eat a variety of foods from each food group.
  • Maintain your weight through a proper balance of exercise and food.
  • Choose foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol, unless otherwise directed by your health care provider.
  • Try to limit how much sugar you eat.
  • Moderate your use of salt.
  • If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages, do not consume more than one or two beverages per day. (Always consult with your doctor about alcohol consumption.)
  • Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day.
  • Limit caffeine consumption.

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Reviewed by Neil Lava, MD on September 03, 2014
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