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    Finding Help for Multiple Sclerosis

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    Our expert answers questions about multiple sclerosis symptoms, diagnosis and treatments. Click here to read and participate.

    Ask WebMD's Multiple Sclerosis Expert

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    5 Things Your Loved One Isn’t Telling You About MS

    If you have a significant other, friend, or relative with multiple sclerosis (MS), you might know about some of the physical problems that can come with the disease. But chances are, that’s only part of what your loved one deals with. MS can cause invisible symptoms that can be tricky to talk about. Here are five common problems that many people with MS face, though they might never tell you. “I can’t stand it when people say, 'I’m tired, too.'" For people with MS, fatigue is a regular...

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    Message Board: Talk to Others With MS

    This is WebMD's online support group for people with MS. Meet friends who can relate to your experiences.

    Talk to Others With MS

    WebMD's Multiple Sclerosis Community

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    WebMD's Multiple Sclerosis Community

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