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Tips for Living Well With Multiple Sclerosis

Make the most of every day despite MS.

21 Tips to Discover in the MS Overcoming Obstacles Game

  1. Stay safe. Steer clear of workout environments with slippery floors, poor lighting, and tripping hazards. 
  2. Physical therapy won’t cure your MS symptoms, but it can help you adapt to your changing body. 
  3. Don’t let depression about MS affect your sex life. Reach out, get support. You’re not in this alone. 
  4. Dating? A little self-acceptance helps ease that inevitable MS conversation with potential partners. 
  5. Take a seat! Whether working in the kitchen, folding laundry, or dressing, sit down to keep strength up. 
  6. None of us can do it all. Too tired to drive today? Pass the wheel to someone else. 
  7. Get dressed in a flash. Invest in clothes that close with Velcro, zippers, snaps, or hooks. 
  8. Having mild problems with balance? A four-legged cane, used on your stronger side, can help. 
  9. Adapting your home to suit your changing skills is worth it. It helps you maintain a high quality of life and a positive attitude! 
  10. Pamper your inner chef. Have at least one kitchen counter lowered, so you can easily work sitting down.
  11.  Is your tossing and turning keeping your mate awake? Get up and do something active until natural tiredness comes. 
  12. Reduce stress and protect your positive outlook on life -- be sure to get help when you need it. 
  13. Satisfying work boosts your well-being. Don’t be shy about getting help adapting your job to your abilities. 
  14. MS can sometimes lead to urinary leaks. The good news: Treatment with medication and lifestyle changes can really help. 
  15. Changing careers? Voc rehab and state government agencies can help you find the right job for you. 
  16. Worried about the flu? Get that flu shot! Shots are safe for those with MS, though the nasal mist vaccine may not be. 
  17. Need to adapt your work environment? Your health care provider can be a great resource for ideas. 
  18. Everyone’s MS experience is different. Symptoms can get better, worse, or even stay the same. 
  19. Stick together! As your abilities change, look for new ways for you and your family to spend time with one another. 
  20. Only about 1 in 4 people with MS will need a wheelchair, though assistance, like a cane, can be a big help for many. 
  21. A positive outlook, exercise, and a good diet won’t cure MS, but they can lower your stress and help you feel better.

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