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    Medical Reference Related to Multiple Sclerosis

    1. Recognize Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

      What are the symptoms associated with the onset of multiple sclerosis (MS)?

    2. Multiple Sclerosis, the Interferon Drugs, and Copaxone

      A look at how Copaxone and the interferon drugs can be used in treating multiple sclerosis (MS).

    3. Tysabri Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

      Tysabri is a drug used to treat multiple sclerosis (MS). Find out how it works.

    4. Finding Help for Multiple Sclerosis

      From connecting to a doctor who specializes in multiple sclerosis to just chatting with someone else with the disease, WebMD helps you connect with these resources.

    5. What’s the Difference Between ALS and MS?

      Do you know how ALS and MS differ? Get the facts on these two diseases.

    6. Could I Have MS?

      Do those symptoms you’re feeling mean that you have multiple sclerosis? Learn what else might explain the signs.

    7. Speech and Swallowing Problems From MS

      Swallowing and speech difficulties are complications of multiple sclerosis. Learn more about steps to take to minimize problems and where to look for help.

    8. What Causes Multiple Sclerosis?

      WebMD takes a look at the possible causes of multiple sclerosis.

    9. Multiple Sclerosis and Evoked Potential Tests

      WebMD explains evoked potential tests, which measure electrical activity in the brain in order to help diagnose multiple sclerosis.

    10. How Botulinum Toxin Can Help Your MS

      WebMD explains how injections with Botox may improve spasticity in people with multiple sclerosis.

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