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Published as a special resource from the Nancy Davis Foundation for MS and WebMD.

MS Forum Panellists With Multiple Sclerosis continued...

Clay Walker

In 1996 at the age of 26, Clay was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.  The diagnosis came at a pivotal time in his life; his career in country music was exploding, he had recently finished recording his fourth album and his oldest daughter had just been born.  After the first MS episode Clay worried how it would affect his career. Ultimately, Clay set his mind to doing everything he could to overcome the obstacles MS set before him.  Today, Clay works to control his MS through diet, exercise and a daily injection of COPAXONE.® Clay is well-known for his high-energy concerts and performance style. Knowing that others with MS have not been so lucky led him to the decision to form Band Against MS, a not-for-profit charity organization dedicated to providing educational information for those living with MS and funding important research that may one day lead to a cure.

Nancy Davis Foundation For MS

The foundation is dedicated to the treatment and ultimate cure of MS. Funding research is the core focus of the foundation. Their annual MS Forum & Expo on May 8th featured top MS doctors discussing the latest advances in MS research and patient care.