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    7. What side effects should I expect, and how should I handle them?

    Side effects vary from drug to drug and person to person. They can include flu-like symptoms, headache, diarrhea, and skin irritation if you take the medicine as a shot. Call your doctor if you have symptoms. Together, you can decide how to treat them, or change your medication.

    8. Can exercise or physical therapy help me feel better?

    Exercise, especially aerobic, can help give you energy, feel stronger, and put you in a better mood. It may also help with bladder and bowel problems. Physical therapy focuses on walking, posture, strength, and balance. The exercises can help you in your daily activities and may help prevent problems caused by weak muscles.

    9. Will MS affect my sex life? Can I have children?

    There's a chance your sex drive may be affected. You might have a lower sex drive or problems having an orgasm. If you're a woman, you could have issues with lubrication. Men may have problems keeping an erection. The good news is that there are medications and therapies that can help. Be sure to talk about it with your partner. MS doesn’t affect your ability to have a baby.

    10. Are there any local support groups?

    The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has chapters and support groups in every state. Call 1-800-344-4867 for more information. Also, ask your doctor for suggestions.