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What's Your Type of MS?

In some ways, each person with multiple sclerosis lives with a different illness. What can you expect from your MS?

Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Tips for Strength and Balance

In this video, see exercises that help ease symptoms of MS.

Do you have balance problems, fatigue, pain, or weakness?

Multiple Sclerosis Tips for Family and Work

Multiple Sclerosis: Impact on Children, Spouse, Family

Multiple Sclerosis in the Family

Your children and your partner have to cope with multiple sclerosis, too. Here are ways to communicate openly about your emotions and issues related to MS.

Multiple Sclerosis and Stress

Managing Stress and MS

Living with multiple sclerosis can cause frustration, and sometimes anger. It's important to recognize when you are stressed. What are the warning signs of stress?

Multiple Sclerosis and Your Career: Good Jobs When You Have MS

Having a Career With MS

When you have MS, finding work that matches your skills, interests, and abilities can be especially challenging. Here's how to find the right job for you.

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Do you do special exercises for MS?