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    Slideshows Related to Multiple Sclerosis

    1. Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Multiple Sclerosis

      Learn more from this WebMD slideshow about multiple sclerosis, or MS -- its cause, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and other facts.

    2. 10 Best Foods for MS

      What you eat can make a big difference with your MS. Here are some of the foods that can keep you feeling good.

    3. MS and Your Brain: 10 Ways to Stay Sharp

      When MS causes problems with thinking and memory, use these tricks to keep yourself on task and on time.

    4. Make an MS-Friendly Home

      Being at home with your MS means creating a space that's comfy, cozy, and works for you. This slideshow shows you how.

    5. Slideshow: Looking Good and Feeling Good With MS

      Get tips on looking and feeling good with MS.

    6. Look and Feel Good

      Get tips on looking and feeling good with MS.

    7. Signs of Multiple Sclerosis Relapse Slideshow

      Signs of an MS relapse can vary in type and intensity. This WebMD slideshow lists some of the more common relapse symptoms.

    8. Slideshow: Famous Faces of Multiple Sclerosis

      You'd never guess from appearances that these 13 celebrities have MS -- or that they continue to do what they love for years after diagnosis.

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