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    Videos Related to Multiple Sclerosis

    1. Mutiple Sclerosis Video: MS Lifestyle Tips

      A healthy lifestyle may have as much impact as drug therapy on MS patients.

    2. Summer Hydration Tips

      Get some great tips on how to keep your kids happy and hydrated during the summer.

    3. Video: Headphones and Hearing Loss

      Dial down the volume and listen up for the best tips to save your ears from further damage.

    4. Video: Get Your Kids Back on a Sleep Schedule for School

      Worried the kiddos won't be well-rested when school starts again? Get back into the swing of things with a bedtime routine.

    5. Video: Safety on Amusement Park Rides

      The chances of being seriously hurt at an amusement park are low, but it’s important to follow the rules and practice a few safety measures.

    6. Video: Do Kids Really Need to Take Vitamins?

      Before you reach for the Flintstones vitamins, ask your pediatrician how you can make sure your child gets their daily nutrients.

    7. Video: Ease Your Child’s Stress

      A balanced routine is important if your child is stressed beyond normal. Here’s how you can structure their day.

    8. Video: How to Tell If Your Kid is Stressed

      Worried your child is stressed? Ease the anxiety and look for these behaviors.

    9. Video: How to Keep Your Child From Getting Sick at Daycare

      Block contagious bugs crawling around your child’s daycare. Get tips to keep you and your little one from feeling under the weather.

    10. Who Is at Risk for EV-D68 or Enterovirus D68?

      Protect your infants, children, and teens from EV-D68 or Enterovirus D68.

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