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    How to Respond and Cope in an Emergency

    Experts Advise What to Do When Terrorism Strikes

    Showing Your Humanity

    It's important not to get overwhelmed by or desensitized to such events, says Kalayjian, who was heading to the United Nations after talking to WebMD.

    "It is only showing our humanity when we are affected by it," she says. "What affects one person in another country will ultimately affect us."

    "We need to be more conscious of that and aware of that and embrace that, instead of rejecting it by presenting ourselves with our daily tasks and not reflecting on the trauma," says Kalayjian.

    Planning Ahead

    Government officials have repeatedly asked Americans to develop a personal emergency plan and to report suspicious packages and activities.

    Planning where your family would meet or communicate could also help in the event of natural disasters, says Isakov.

    He encourages people to take fire and disaster drills seriously at work.

    "We have to put disaster-planning apathy behind us and take [it] seriously as a health community," he says.

    "I think we have to expect that we're going to see more events like we've seen in London and Madrid in our future in the U.S. and be prepared to deal with that," says Isakov.

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