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New Ways to Attract Organ Donors

Panel Calls for Revised CPR Methods to Increase Organ Donations

A 'Conservative' Approach

Childress acknowledged that the IOM panel took a "conservative orientation" to expanding donations. Experts were concerned that more radical reforms could lead to a backlash among members of the public already largely reluctant to sign up to be organ donors.

He said the committee chose instead to urge American policy makers and hospitals to work to enhance existing organ donation systems. "Many of these things if they were implemented, they would just cause people to opt out," said Childress, who directs the Center for Practical Ethics at the University of Virginia.

Veatch argued that the thousands of people who die each year waiting for organs justifies drastic measures that the IOM report advocates.

"The time has come for some cautious experimentation," he said. "The unmet need is great and we need a new approach."


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