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    Week's Top Stories

    A Wrap-Up of the Week's Top Medical News


    Brown Seaweed May Burn Fat
    As for finding a potential obesity "cure," one set of researchers is looking to a compound found in wakame, a type of brown kelp used in Asian cuisine. The compound, an antioxidant called fucoxanthin, isn't ready for prime time, but preliminary studies show it burns fat in lab tests on rats and obese mice, prompting the rodents to lose weight. The researchers hope to develop a pill containing fucoxanthin. Read more.

    Top States for Life Expectancy
    Want to live longer? It might all depend on which America you're a part of, a new study shows. The U.S. is really divided into eight different Americas when it comes to life expectancy, the researchers report. And those "eight Americas" have a life expectancy gap of almost 14 years, similar to gaps between economically developed and emerging countries. Read more.

    Green Tea for Longevity
    Drink green tea and you just might improve your odds of living longer. A Japanese study shows that people who drink at least a pint of green tea each day have a lower risk of death -- especially from heart disease. The benefit is particularly pronounced in women. Read more.

    Panel Refutes 'Gulf War Syndrome'
    A government advisory panel said it could find no evidence of a 'Gulf War syndrome' afflicting U.S. soldiers who served in Iraq and Kuwait in the early 1990s, though it did affirm that combat veterans do suffer increased rates of many individual ailments. The conclusion was a blow to veterans who maintain that exposures to pesticides, weapons residues, or other chemicals caused a set of symptoms unique to their service in Operation Desert Storm. Read more.

    Flying Less May Slow Flu Spread
    Air travel could affect the spread of the flu virus. At least that's what researchers concluded after noting how the drop in U.S. air travel following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 delayed America's flu season by two weeks. Read more.

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