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Antioxidant Supplements Up Death Risk

Study Shows No Benefit, Slightly Higher Death Risk for Antioxidant Supplements

Advice to Consumers continued...

"I take antioxidant supplements every day," he says. "I know more about these nutrients than most people do, including the authors of this study, who are not nutritionists. This does not change a thing for me. You can take that to the bank."

Zelman has this advice: If you plan to continue taking antioxidant supplements, don't exceed the recommended daily doses.

"For nutritional insurance, my suggestion would be a once-daily multivitamin," she says. "But for those people who take multiple supplements, and are going to continue to do so, heed the warning and be sure to respect the safe upper dosage limits."

"If you are in doubt, take the time and go to your doctor and talk with her or him," Gluud advises.


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