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    Top 10 Doc Stories of 2008

    Here are the most popular news stories of 2008 on Medscape.

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    Treatment guidelines may not sound like the sexiest of topics. But for doctors, knowing how and when to treat someone, and what drugs are best to use, is part of everyday decision making. It's no surprise, then, that stories relating to these issues were among the most popular with doctors this year.

    Here are the top 10 news stories of 2008 on Medscape, WebMD's companion site for doctors.


    1. New Guidelines for Management of Urinary Tract Infection in Nonpregnant Women
    2. Drug Used for COPD Linked to Increased Mortality Risk
    3. Bisphosphonate Therapy Linked to Risk for Severe Musculoskeletal Pain
    4. Guidelines Issued for Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer
    5. American College of Preventive Medicine Does Not Recommend Prostate Cancer Screening With DRE, PSA
    6. Influenza Vaccine May Not Protect Elderly From Pneumonia
    7. New Pharmacologic Guideline Issued for Treatment of Dementia
    8. Noncoital Sexual Activity May Not Be "Safe" Sex
    9. Societies Confront GI Risks of Antiplatelets, NSAIDs in Consensus Document
    10. Reducing Heart Rate in Hypertension Is Harmful -- or Is It Just Atenolol?



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