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    Top 10 Offbeat News Stories of 2008

    Here Are the Top 10 Offbeat Stories This Year

    WebMD Health News

    While health is a serious matter, not every health story has to be. Could watermelon really be the next aphrodisiac food? Can a pill really give you the same benefits of exercise? From sex to sports, our readers enjoyed these offbeat stories.


    1. Sex Therapists Gauge Ideal Time for Sex
    2. Watermelon: A Natural Viagra?
    3. Erections: Use 'Em or Lose 'Em
    4. Horny Goat Weed Shows Promise for ED
    5. Tooth Fairy Takes Inflation Hit
    6. Phiten Necklace: Red Sox Secret Weapon?
    7. Exercise in a Pill? Maybe
    8. 'Bonding' Gene Found in Men
    9. Smells During Sleep May Shape Dreams
    10. Red Really Is the Color of Romance

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