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Top 10 Health News Stories of 2008

Salmonella, Vaccines, Belly Fat Were Hot Topics in 2008

8. Belly Fat Makes Big Bad News

Belly fat was big news in 2008 as study after study linked it to serious health problems -- and even an increased death risk -- even in people who aren't overweight. But simple changes in lifestyle and diet could trim this health risk.

9. Economic Woes Hurting Health

You're probably all too aware of your waning wallet, as gas and food prices soared and the stock market plunged in 2008. And the fallout may be taking a toll on your health, making the economic crisis one of the top health stories of the year.

10. HIV/AIDS Worse Than We'd Known

The stunning news came from the CDC: America's HIV/AIDS problem is much worse than we'd thought. That -- together with increased HIV testing and improved treatment -- meant more Americans are living with HIV than ever before. Yet with early detection and treatment, people with HIV are living much longer than ever before. And while there's still no cure for HIV, it's not because scientists aren't trying to find one. In 2008, they found several key pieces to the HIV puzzle.


Miranda Hitti contributed to this report.


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