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    11 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Santa

    What Do You Give the Saint Who's Got Everything in His Sleigh? Check Out These Healthy Ideas
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    Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

    Dec. 22, 2008 -- Santa takes to the skies soon, and it's common courtesy to leave a little something for the big guy when he comes calling in the wee hours.

    You could go the traditional milk-and-cookies route. Or you could take a different tack, picking useful gifts for St. Nick's 24-hour journey -- and throughout the new year. Here are some ideas:

    1. Vitamin D pills . Vitamin D is the "it" vitamin nowadays, and North Pole winters are probably too skimpy on sunlight to make enough vitamin D.
    2. Melatonin for jet lag. Melatonin supplements might help Santa get sleep when he's back home.
    3. A mug of cocoa. It's got caffeine to keep Santa perky, polyphenols for his heart, and warmth to make him even more generous.
    4. Rose-colored glasses, so that every child looks nice, not naughty.
    5. A serving of nuts. We're not Santa's doctor, but his big belly could put him at risk for metabolic syndrome, and eating some nuts daily might help his ticker.
    6. Gel inserts for his boots, since he'll be tiptoeing around for 24 hours.
    7. An aromatherapy kit, in case the reindeers' smell gets to be too much. Lavender is soothing, and a 2005 study showed that cinnamon or peppermint might ease driver fatigue.
    8. A blood glucose monitor, so he doesn't overdo the cookies. Blood glucose monitors are for people with diabetes, but even if Santa isn't diabetic, he shouldn't overindulge in sugar.
    9. A Wii Fit so he's in fighting shape for 2009. Being physically active is a plus at any size. And in case he's not into virtual fitness, throw in a pedometer so he can count his steps.
    10. Honey to soothe his throat after all that ho-ho-ho'ing. Honey might also kill bacteria, in case Santa picks up some germs en route.
    11. A spa gift certificate for himself and Mrs. Claus, for some quality couple time.

    One thing Santa doesn't need -- a GPS device. Rudolph, your job is safe.

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