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    CDC Director: More Resources Needed to Quell Ebola

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    Sept. 2, 2014 -- The director of the CDC, just back from a week-long tour of three countries hard-hit by Ebola, painted a dire picture of the epidemic and called for more help to stop it.

    “Bad as the situation is now, everything I’ve seen suggests that over the next few weeks it’s likely to get worse. We’re likely to see significant increases in cases,” Tom Frieden, MD, told reporters in a press briefing.

    “For every day that this continues to spread in West Africa, the likelihood of someone getting infected and getting sick elsewhere increases,” he said, noting the virus recently spread to Senegal.

    Frieden’s remarks came as the missionary organization SIM USA announced an American doctor working at its mission hospital in Liberia had caught the virus. The doctor, who was not identified, is doing well and is in good spirits, SIM said in a statement. He is being treated in an Ebola isolation unit at the ELWA Hospital in Liberia.

    The doctor was treating obstetrical patients in a facility that was separate from the Ebola isolation unit. It's not known how he got infected.

    He is the third American to have caught Ebola in West Africa. The other two, Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, were released from Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital last month after being treated in its isolation ward.

    Call to Act Fast

    Frieden said there’s a window for stopping the epidemic that’s swiftly closing. He called on Americans and the rest of the world to act quickly.

    The virus is now spreading widely in Liberia, he said, and the outbreak is outpacing efforts to stop it in Sierra Leone. There are signs that cases are surging again in Guinea, where the outbreak was thought to be contained.

    The needs are basic, he said, yet urgent. One 35-bed isolation unit he toured was treating 63 patients, many of them sleeping on the floor.

    The need for medical workers is so great that for the first time, the CDC is sending its own employees for specialized training in how to approach and treat those who are sick with the virus. The agency’s doctors don’t normally handle direct patient care.

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