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Medical Marijuana: The Last Hope for Sick Children

Desperate for help, families take extraordinary steps to help children wracked with seizures.

Making the Move to Colorado

Kiser holds up a small vial of oil, baby Ezra's medication.

"That can get me arrested for drug trafficking. Isn't that sad?" she says.

Moving to Colorado from South Carolina has been difficult for this single mother. She and her other son, Noah, miss friends and family back home, though she has found a lot of comfort in the close-knit network of parents in similar straits here.

She would love to move back, but she won't risk being arrested and having her children taken away. She and other parents say they don't necessarily want their home states to go as far as Colorado and legalize recreational pot. They dream of a "hall pass" concept, legislation to let families bring it out of Colorado for medical purposes.

Although some states are pursuing such legislation, Kiser believes that conservative South Carolina would probably be one of the last states to do it.

"If we're stuck here, so be it," she says.

"I was really worried Ezra wouldn't live through infancy, whereas now I have a hope that he'll walk one day. He'll talk one day. I might actually get to hear him say 'mom,'" she says. "If he has to be on it the rest of his life, that's what we'll do. We'll do whatever it takes. His life is just so much better right now, all the way around."

"He's our miracle."

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Reviewed on February 21, 2014

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