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    1. 1Knocking out a tooth can throw you for a loop, but it's not necessarily a permanent out. The first thing to do is find the tooth and keep it safe because you may be able to salvage it. Do NOT pick the tooth up by the root. Instead, gently pick it up by the crown.
    2. 2Next, rinse out your mouth with warm water.  If there’s bleeding, apply a piece of gauze or a moistened teabag to the injured area in order to stop the bleeding. You can rinse the tooth in a bowl of tap water, but don’t scrub it.
    3. 3Place the tooth back in the socket if possible. To help the tooth stay in place, gently bite down using a gauze or moistened teabag as a cushion. If not, place it in a container and then cover it with a small amount of milk or saliva. You can also use a “tooth saving kit” if one is handy. The tooth can also be carried between the lower lip and lower gum, or under the tongue -- but be careful not to swallow it!
    4. 4Time is of the essence.  A knocked out tooth can often be saved if a dentist can begin repair within an hour.
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