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Tips, Information, and Insights on Joint Pain and Treatment from the WebMD Knee & Hip Replacement Community

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Crunching Noises

Is it OK if your knee makes odd, crunching noises months after surgery? One member says her knee doesn't hurt, but there are noises when she goes up and down stairs. ...Read More


Climbing Ladders Again

Before he has total knee replacement surgery, a WebMD Community member wants to know if he'll be able to squat and climb ladders again. He needs to know if he'll be able to work again. ...Read More


Pain After Knee Surgery

How long should you have to deal with pain after knee surgery? One member says it's been three months and she's tired of taking meds. ...Read More


Range of Motion Issues

One WebMD Community member is considering manual manipulation because his range of motion isn't back to normal after knee surgery. Is it a good idea? ...Read More


Gym After Knee Surgery

Is it OK to go to the gym a few weeks after a knee replacement? One reader is eager to start moving. ...Read More

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