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Is Hip or Knee Pain Interfering with Your Life?

Coping with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee and making a decision about hip or knee replacement can be difficult. Hear the stories of others who lived with the pain of osteoarthritis and learn how a DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction Implant helped reduce their pain and restore their mobility.

From Our Sponsor Lesa Puts Her SIGMA® Knees to the Test

See how Lesa returned to working her 1,000 acre farm.


Lesa Puts Her SIGMA® Knees to the Test

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Lesa Puts Her SIGMA® Knees to the Test
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explore treatment options for your hip or knee pain

Explore Treatment Options for Your Hip or Knee Pain

Discover the latest techniques and procedures that may be able to help you move freely again. Then, speak with a specialist about the best treatment path for you.

take action today

Take Action Today

There are positive steps you can take right now to help you make progress in your journey to recovery from hip or knee pain.

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