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    1. Glucosamine for Knees -- Evidence Builds

      Jan. 27, 2003 - Many people swear by the supplement glucosamine to help ease their arthritic knee pain. But only recently has scientific evidence been appearing to back it up. Now, a new study not only adds to that evidence, but also gives a better understanding of how long it takes for glucosamine

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    2. No Pain, No Gain for Arthritis Patients

      --> Aug. 28, 2002 -- The old exercise adage, "no pain, no gain," may be especially true for people who suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee. New research shows the pain these people experience after exercise is only temporary, but the benefits are not. "Explaining to patients that the increased pa

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    3. Popular Knee Surgery May Be Useless

      July 10, 2002 -- Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans have knee surgery to relieve arthritis pain. But a highly unusual study suggests the arthroscopic approach is not effective. Arthroscopic knee surgery is done through tiny incisions without having to completely open up the knee. "As appe

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    4. Inactivity Worsens Knee Arthritis

      July 3, 2002 -- For millions of people with knee arthritis, performing routine tasks such as climbing stairs, bending over, or even walking can be painful, prompting many sufferers to avoid them altogether in favor of a more sedentary lifestyle. But a new study confirms what many had suspected: If y

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    5. Knee Arthritis Injections Battle It Out

      Feb. 20, 2002 -- A study presented at a meeting of orthopedic specialists shows that Synvisc knee injections provide longer and better relief than anti-inflammatory steroids injections. And a second study shows that Synvisc may work as well or better than anti-inflammatory pills. Synvisc is a fluid

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    6. New Drug Fights Osteoarthritis Flare-Ups

      Nov. 27, 2001 -- When an arthritis flare attacks, people suffering from osteoarthritis need something to calm the pain. A new medicine hopes to serve just that purpose. Researchers recently presented information on a new drug called Ultracet at the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatol

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    7. 'Chicken Shots' May Replace Knee Replacement in Some

      Nov. 16, 2001 -- Ben Singletary, 69, can barely remember a time when he didn't suffer from excruciating knee pain due to osteoarthritis. His deteriorating knees forced him to give up his Shreveport, La., ob-gyn practice in 1994, and he underwent surgery a year and a half later to replace his left kn

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    8. Medical Research Fails to Meet Patients' Needs

      June 9, 2000 -- The thousands of medical studies conducted each year help to determine what treatments are available for various health problems and whether insurance will pay for them. But too many of these studies emphasize new drugs or surgical techniques, even though these are not top priorities

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    9. Jury Still Out on Use of Supplements to Treat Arthritis

      March 14, 2000 (Washington) -- True or false: Dietary supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin are attractive alternatives to anti-inflammatory drugs for treating osteoarthritis (OA). True, says an analysis in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the first professional A

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    10. Study Raises New Questions About Glucosamine

      March 14, 2000 (Atlanta) -- It's a rainy day in Omaha, and Betty Rindone's knees and hips are bothering her. "It's 100% humidity," she tells WebMD. "I can always tell." After she had been plagued by years of minor aches and pains, Betty's knee gave out four years ago. "I just went down," she remembe

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