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    Videos Related to Osteoarthritis

    1. Video: Is There a Link Between Chronic Knee Pain and Depression?

      Studies show there’s a big connection between chronic knee pain and depression. Learn how you can feel better and find relief.

    2. Video: What Happens During Hip Replacement Surgery

      Take a closer look at what happens during hip replacement surgery.

    3. Video: Knee Replacement Surgery

      See what happens during total knee replacement surgery.

    4. Video: Knee Rehab Experience

      A look inside the process of knee rehabilitation after replacement surgery.

    5. How Arthroscopic Surgery Can Help

      Arthroscopy is a surgery that can treat some types of knee pain. See how it can help.

    6. Injections for Knee Pain

      See the types of shots doctors use to treat knee pain.

    7. Video: What Causes Osteoarthritis and How Do You Treat It?

      Joints help your body move easily. Find out what causes osteoarthritis and how to keep your symptoms in check.

    8. Video: Treatments for Osteoarthritis

      From pain relievers to surgery, there are a number of treatments for your OA.

    9. Do You Need Ankle Replacement Surgery?

      Are there any risks to ankle replacement surgery? See if it's right for you.

    10. What to Expect

      Learn about the benefits of ankle replacement and how it might help you.

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