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  1. Paget's Disease of Bone - What Happens

    In healthy people, bone is constantly being replaced as bone tissue is broken down and absorbed into the body, then rebuilt with new cells. In the early stages of Paget's disease, bone tissue breaks down faster than it rebuilds.

  2. Paget's Disease of Bone - Other Treatment

    Other treatments for Paget's disease include splints and braces. These help support bones and joints and may be used to help prevent weakened bone from breaking.

  3. Paget's Disease of Bone - Topic Overview

    Paget's disease is a long-lasting (chronic) condition that causes abnormal bone growth.

  4. Paget's Disease of Bone - Treatment Overview

    Many people do not need any treatment for Paget's disease. But the disease should be monitored for the rest of your life because of increased risk of complications such as inflammation of joints (arthritis), broken bones (fractures), and nerve problems. I

  5. Paget's Disease of Bone - Medications

    Doctors can use several types of medicine to treat Paget's disease. Although it is not possible to cure Paget's disease with them, they can make the disease inactive and reduce complications. Medicines such as bisphosphonate and calcitonin slow the breakd

  6. Paget's Disease of Bone - Symptoms

    Most people with Paget's disease have no symptoms. When there are symptoms, the most common are bone pain and bone deformities.

  7. Paget's Disease of Bone - What Increases Your Risk

    Learn the risk factors for Paget's disease.

  8. Paget's Disease of Bone - When To Call a Doctor

    Call your doctor immediately if you have Paget's disease and you experience signs of complications, such as sudden hearing or vision loss.

  9. Paget's Disease of Bone - Exams and Tests

    Most people who have Paget's disease have no symptoms. Most often Paget's disease is discovered when you see your doctor for a different reason, such as hip pain. A bone X - ray or abnormal blood test often leads to the discovery of Paget's disease. When

  10. Paget's Disease of Bone - Surgery

    Joint replacements are the most common surgeries doctors use to treat joint complications from Paget's disease such as osteoarthritis of the hip or knee joints.

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