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Preventing Osteoporosis: 9 Questions and Answers

9. Should men worry about osteoporosis -- and what are the signs of it in men?

Although osteoporosis is often thought of as a disease that only affects women, about 20% of cases are in men. But osteoporosis in men is often unrecognized and untreated. And since osteoporosis is a silent disease, the first symptom is often a broken bone.

Men who are at higher risk for osteoporosis should focus on prevention. Risk factors for osteoporosis in men include taking certain drugs (like steroids, anticonvulsants, and some cancer treatments), some chronic diseases, smoking, lack of exercise, low testosterone, and a family history of weak bones. If you think you might be at risk, talk to your health care provider.

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Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD on May 02, 2014

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