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  1. Two or More Daily Glasses of Milk May Raise Ovarian Cancer Risks

    May 5, 2000 (Boston) -- A milk mustache may not be the most appropriate fashion statement for women concerned about their health, say scientists from Harvard Medical School. The latest finding from an ongoing study of more than 80,000 nurses suggests that women who drink two or more glasses of milk

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  2. Analysis Finds Link Between Talc Powders, Ovarian Cancer

    April 11, 2000 (Atlanta) -- For many women, a dusting of powder helps freshen the vaginal area. But a new study suggests that women should read the labels of so-called "talcum" feminine and bath powders closely. Cornstarch-based products may be better choices. The study shows that powders can migrat

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  3. Removing Benign Ovarian Cysts Does Not Affect Cancer Risk

    March 23, 2000 (Lake Tahoe, Calif.) -- Removing noncancerous ovarian cysts does not seem to reduce a woman's risk of dying of ovarian cancer, according to a new study by researchers in London. The study, published in the March 25 issue of The Lancet, found that women who had these cysts removed were

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  4. Learning About Medical Studies Just Got Easier

    March 1, 2000 (Atlanta) -- Two years after learning she had ovarian cancer, after countless chemotherapy rounds, Elaine Beckman learned that her oncologist had discovered a spot on her liver. She had surgery, but when the disease recurred in 1998, she began looking into other options -- specifically

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  5. Estrogen Replacement Therapy Safe for Ovarian Cancer Survivors

    Sept. 15, 1999 (Baltimore) -- Women who have had their ovaries removed due to ovarian cancer before menopause can safely take estrogen replacement therapy, according to a study published in the Sept. 15 issue of the journal Cancer . Surgery to remove the ovaries because of ovarian cancer before meno

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