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    Pain, Numbness, a Tingling Weakness

    Cervical disc disease is more than a pain in the neck. What causes it?

    9 Frequently Asked Questions About Cervical Disc Neck Pain

    1. 1.Can I treat cervical disc disease on my own?
    2. 2.Should I see a physical therapist for my pain?
    3. 3.How long does it take to recover from a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease?
    4. 4.Do I need surgery to treat my neck pain?

    Managing Neck Pain With Therapy

    Tips at Home: Easing Cervical Disc Pain Naturally
    Ice and heat, rest, stretches, physical activity: What's the best way to ease neck pain at home?
    Physical Therapy and Neck Adjustments: What Works?
    How can you rebuild strength in your neck, reduce pain, and help your cervical discs heal?

    Medical Treatments for Cervical Disc Neck Pain

    Cervical Disc Disease: 5 Medicines That Help
    Medication is the No. 1 treatment for neck pain from cervical disc disease. Which medicine is best for you?
    Cervical Disc Surgery: Artificial Disc or Fusion?
    Have you been in pain for longer than six months? Have other treatments failed to help? Then surgery may be an option.

    How long have you had neck pain from cervical disc disease?