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How to Keep Your Feet From Aching

Forgo Flip-Flops

They can cause big problems, like heel pain, tendinitis, and stress fractures, especially if you have flat feet.

Don’t wear flip-flops for long-distance walking, sports, or yard work. With little shock absorption, arch support, or protection, they put you at risk for injury and pain.

Don't wear them if the thong between your toes causes irritation. That can lead to blisters and infections. And if your flip-flops are worn, toss them out.

Flip-flops are good for protecting your feet from dangers that lurk in locker room showers, pool areas, and the hot sand at the beach.

Take Some Weight Off

“Extra weight can lead to heel, arch, and muscle pain, and muscle fatigue," Reid says.

Carrying extra weight can also change your foot structure. You can develop spurs, or bumps that grow on your foot bones, which can be painful. And you're more likely to have swelling in your feet or ankles.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Don't go barefoot. "If you're walking in bare feet, you're exposed to the elements. You can cut the skin on your feet," Reid says. Plus it puts a strain on your foot and can lead to plantar warts and athlete's foot.

Pay attention to how you trim your toenails. Cut them straight across. "If you clip them in the corners, that will lead to an ingrown nail, which becomes extremely painful over time," Bowman says.

If you have any pain, see a doctor. "Be attentive to anything not normal, and have it checked out," Reid says.

Most foot problems get worse when not treated, so don’t ignore them.

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Reviewed on February 05, 2014

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