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    Knee Pain Health Center

    Medical Reference Related to Pain Management

    1. Pain Management: Alternative Therapy

      WebMD looks at alternative therapies for pain management -- acupuncture, chiropractic, biofeedback, therapeutic touch, and nutritional supplements among them.

    2. Pain Management: Palliative Care

      WebMD explores palliative care, a medical specialty that focuses on treating pain and other symptoms that accompany chronic and terminal illness.

    3. Whiplash

      WebMD explains whiplash, including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

    4. Pain Management: Diagnosing the Cause of Pain

      WebMD examines the various tests and tools that help diagnose the cause of pain.

    5. Myofascial Pain Syndrome (Muscle Pain)

      WebMD explains myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments.

    6. Diabetes-Related Nerve Problems

      WebMD examines neuropathy, nerve damage that is a common effect of uncontrolled diabetes.

    7. Pain Caused by Burns

      WebMD looks at pain management of burns.

    8. Understanding Bursitis -- Diagnosis and Treatment

      WebMD's guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of bursitis.

    9. Understanding Bursitis -- Symptoms

      Learn about the symptoms of bursitis.

    10. Pain Management: Arachnoiditis

      Learn about arachnoiditis, a pain disorder.

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