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Knee Pain Health Center

Medical Reference Related to Pain Management

  1. Pain Management - Treatment

    WebMD describes some common forms of pain treatment, from medications to alternative remedies.

  2. Manual Therapy for Neck Pain - Topic Overview

    Manual therapy includes: Massage,which applies pressure to the soft tissues of the body,such as the muscles. Mobilization,which uses slow,measured movements to twist,pull,or push bones and joints. Manipulation,which uses rapid,forceful movements to move the bones and joints. Chiropractors,osteopaths,massage therapists,and physical therapists sometimes use manual treatment. Manual ...

  3. Patellar Tracking Disorder - Frequently Asked Questions

    Learning about patellar tracking disorder:What is patellar tracking disorder?What happens when the kneecap is partially dislocated?What are the symptoms of a completely dislocated kneecap?Getting treatment:What exercises can I do for patellar tracking disorder?What types of surgery can be done for lasting knee pain?Living with patellar tracking disorder:What can I do at home to reduce knee pain?

  4. Osteotomy for Patellar Tracking Disorder - Topic Overview

    An osteotomy is a surgery that involves cutting the bone. When a patellar tracking disorder is caused by a structural or alignment problem,an osteotomy can be an effective treatment option. See an illustration of the knee. A tibial tubercle osteotomy moves and reinserts the patellar tendon into the shinbone (tibia). This procedure is commonly performed for one or a combination of conditions ...

  5. Patellar Tracking Disorder - Health Tools

    Health Tools help you make wise health decisions or take action to improve your health.Actionsets are designed to help people take an active role in managing a health condition. Patellar Tracking Disorder: Exercises

  6. Medial Patellofemoral Ligament (MPFL) Repair - Topic Overview

    The medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) attaches to the inner edge of the patella to help keep the patella from slipping toward the outer side of the knee. A damaged MPFL can be repaired arthroscopically. Surgical repair of this ligament may be appropriate if it is: Torn by injury to the knee. Stretched and damaged by patellar dislocation. In more than 8 out of 10 people,repairing the MPFL ...

  7. Patellar Tracking Disorder - Topic Overview

    What is patellar tracking disorder? Patellar tracking disorder means that the kneecap (patella) shifts out of place as the leg bends or straightens. In most cases, the kneecap shifts too far toward the outside of the leg. In a few people, it shifts toward the inside. Your knee joint is a complex hinge that joins the two bones of the lower leg with the thighbone. The kneecap sits in a groove at the end of the thighbone. It is held in place by tendons on the top and bottom and by ligaments on the sides.A layer of cartilage lines the underside of the kneecap. This helps it glide along the groove in the thighbone. A problem with any of these parts in or around the knee can lead to patellar tracking disorder.What causes patellar tracking disorder? Patellar tracking disorder is usually caused by several problems combined, such as:The way your knee is formed. Things that can lead to a knee problem include having a small or flat kneecap, knock-knees, a very long patellar tendon, or a shallow

  8. Surgery Options for Patellar Tracking Disorder - Topic Overview

    One cause of patellar tracking disorder is a tight lateral retinaculum,a ligament complex that anchors the outer edge of the patella. See a picture of the ligaments of the knee. If your patella is being pulled to the side by a tight lateral retinaculum,a surgeon may recommend a lateral release. This procedure,often done by arthroscopic surgery,cuts the lateral retinaculum. Most people ...

  9. Chronic Pain - Surgery

    Surgery is not often used to treat chronic pain. The decision to have surgery depends on your condition and the cause of your pain. Surgery is usually considered only after other treatments have failed, or if it is considered medically necessary.

  10. Pain Management Clinic - Topic Overview

    Chronic pain often requires both counseling and medical treatment,because it can have a wearing effect on both the body and the mind. At a pain management clinic,you can get multidisciplinary treatment from a team of specialists,including: Physiatrists. These medical doctors specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation. They often coordinate a chronic pain treatment team. ...

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