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    Videos Related to Pain Management

    1. Video: Acetaminophen

      It’s front and center in most bathroom cabinets to help relieve pain. But are you using acetaminophen in safe amounts?

    2. Video: NSAID Pain Relievers

      NSAIDs help ease everyday aches and pains, but do you know how you should take them?

    3. Video: What Is Medical Marijuana Used to Treat?

      More and more states are legalizing marijuana to treat pain and illness. Find out what conditions it’s used for and the known side effects.

    4. Video: Benefits of Acupuncture

      Can you use pain to stop pain? Take a closer look at the history and benefits of acupuncture.

    5. Laminectomy Animation

      Considering a laminectomy? See how it’s done in this animation.

    6. Herniated Disk Animation

      See what happens in your body when a disk in your back herniates.

    7. Total Hip Replacement Animation

      Considering a total hip replacement? See an animation of how it’s done.

    8. Total Knee Replacement Animation

      About to trade in your old knee for a new artificial one? See how it’s done in this animation.

    9. Fibromyalgia Animation

      What happens to the body when fibromyalgia strikes? Watch this animation.

    10. center-well

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